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Get your step-by-step roadmap that will take you gradually from one healthy level to the next. Dr. Kilgore provides you with video, audio and written materials at your own pace.

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One-on-one discussions that address your questions. Get answers to your medical questions directly from Dr. Kilgore and bring your health to the highest level.

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Healthy You in '23: Introduction to Your Personal Health Plan

Get started Fast! A step-by-step roadmap to getting on the right path for sustained health--for the rest of your life.



Developing Your Personal Health Strategy

This course lays out a systematic approach for anyone to begin quantifying their health. 



Health Success Tools for You

Our mini courses are a great way to start you on the pathway to solving your health challenges. Everyone of us has health problems we want to solve. Get started today on finding your solutions. 


What are people saying about Dr. Kilgore?

"Dr. Kilgore has a wealth of knowledge and really knows how to apply it to an individual’s specific situation.

He understands quickly those things that I can do to protect myself and stay healthy.

Dr. Kilgore also provides his advice and recommendations based on state-of-the-art information.

He is exactly the kind of medical advisor we all need on our side nowadays. I give him my strongest recommendation as a key person to have as your trusted advisor."   


--JB Glossinger

Founder, Morning Coach

"Dr. Kilgore responded quickly when I had an urgent medical question. Dr. Kilgore understood my situation right away and how that may impact my future health.

He checked the latest available medical information and we discussed my health situation to develop the best plan of action.

I am absolutely thrilled to recommend Dr. Kilgore as a key person to consult with and seek out a caring doctor to get the best answers for your health situation. Thank you so much Dr. Kilgore!"


--P. Graham

Strategic Planning Consultant for Healthcare and Award-Winning Artist

I have been working with Dr. Kilgore for over a year now, and I cannot speak more highly about his support, assistance, and guidance in helping to manage my risk throughout the pandemic. 

Dr. Kilgore has also done a phenomenal job in helping me with my overall health and wellness management, as well as tracking progress toward several health-related goals.

In the time I have been working with him, my overall health has significantly improved.  I have not only achieved better health metrics, but I feel better and feel like I'm in a stronger position to enjoy a healthier and happier future.

"I highly recommend Dr. Kilgore for his expertise, experience, kindness,
accessibility and willingness to go the extra mile whenever needed. Thank you Dr. Kilgore—we need a lot more doctors like you!"


Jeffrey Caruana

Territory Sales Manager