About Dr. Paul Kilgore and Quantitative Health

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I'm Doctor Paul Kilgore, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P.

Founder, Quantitative Health

With 23 years working in health, medicine, wellness, preventive care and public health, I have tools that you can get nowhere else that will DIRECTLY and QUICKLY improve your health. 

Why Quantitative Health?


Millions of people seek healthcare around the world everyday but it seems we are becoming sicker, more tired, more stressed, less physically fit and not seeing true improvement in our health.


My goal is to make you healthier through an authentic, empowering and productive partnership with you that builds and sustains your health--one day at a time. 


No matter what stage of life you are in now, Dr. Kilgore has tools that will transform your health and enable you to regain vigor, vitality, and energy. These tools will allow you to reach your very highest potential in your studies, career, family, recreation and retirement.


It's time to start now. Let's do this together. I am Dr. Paul Kilgore and I am committed to your best health and success.



The Quantitative Health Team


We are an energetic group of passionate and fun professionals eager to share our knowledge of how you can use our tools to transform you health and revolutionize your life.

At Quantitative Health, we are committed to donating 10% of all profits to nonprofit entities that are working to improve health and reduce disparities among low-income and marginalized populations.


Take Action Now for Your Own Health


Not sure if Quantitative Health is right for you? Drop off your contact information or call us: 1-888-406-0008.